Alumni Ticket Request

Miami Dolphins – Sunday, Jan 1 at 1:00 PM



  • THIS FORM IS NOT A TICKET CONFIRMATION. You will receive a notice either way from Pete Brock.
  • Only requests received in this manner will be honored – no emails nor phone calls.
  • If the form is completed correctly, you will be redirected to a thank you page. If you do not see the thank you page, recheck the form to ensure all information was filled out.
  • Please remember that you and your guest are the ONLY ones allowed in the alumni area. Do NOT pass off your credentials to anyone at any time.
  • Do NOT use Suite restrooms. If you have Ambassador Passes, you are to use Club restrooms only.

Ambassadors Tickets

Please let me know if you would like to participate as an Ambassador to sign autographs for the fans. Please reply no later than 5pm on Thursday, Dec 22 – NO requests will be honored if received after. This list will be submitted to marketing for your names to be printed in the weekly newsletter distributed to all club seat holders. It is extremely important that you keep your commitment to attend. The fans look forward to meeting you. If circumstances arise and you cannot attend please let me know ASAP.

Rules & Policies:

Ambassador Passes

  • Alumni will be provided a Stadium Access Pass for he and one guest to enter the stadium. The Stadium Access Pass allows you and one guest to watch the game from inside the East or West clubhouse or from a designated area located outside of the Red level suites on the Southeast side of the stadium. This area is set up for you and your guest only and reserved for those displaying the Stadium Access Pass to Security.
  • Alumni will be assigned to either the East or the West Clubhouse or other locations determined by the New England Patriots to sign autographs during pre-game.
  • While serving as a Patriots Ambassador in the Clubhouse on game days, Alumni will wear NEPAC approved apparel. Alumni will be expected to interact with Clubhouse members & fans in a courteous manner
  • Should the assigned NEPAC member be unable to use any Stadium Access Pass, the Stadium Access Pass must be returned to NEPAC for redistribution within the membership and under no circumstance be resold or given to anyone by the NEPAC member receiving them.

Patriots Alumni may request Ambassador Passes and tickets by 5pm on Thursday, Dec 22 – NO requests will be honored if received after end of business Monday. Reminder for any game – if after receiving Ambassador Passes and/or tickets you cannot attend please contact MaryKate Siegel: so we can re-distribute.

Complimentary Tickets

  • Tickets for use by NEPAC members and one guest OR immediate family members with one guest only. Tickets are limited. These tickets are not to be transferred outside of your immediate family. Under no circumstances should these tickets be sold.

Instructions for Inquiry:

Please fill out the following form to submit your request for tickets. Filling out this form is not a confirmation for tickets, please be on the look out for a confirmation email from Pete or MaryKate, later this week.

Ticket Requests Closed

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