New England Patriots Alumni Club Operations & Board members

Through regular meetings, the group of us are able to plan and strategize how to constantly be a positive influence throughout New England.

  • Pete Brock
    Pete Brock
  • Ilia Jarostchuk
    Ilia Jarostchuk
    Vice President
  • Curt Bletzer
    Curt Bletzer
  • Emily Hayes
    Emily Hayes
    Event & Program Coordinator
  • Carrie Mayo
    Carrie Mayo
    Creative Director
  • Taylor Keith
    Taylor Keith
    Marketing Director
Board Members
  • Joe Andruzzi
    Joe Andruzzi
  • Rick Buffington
    Rick Buffington
  • Rick Cash
    Rick Cash
  • Mark Cruise
    Mark Cruise
  • Roland James
    Roland James
  • Ilia Jarostchuk
    Ilia Jarostchuk
  • Max Lane
    Max Lane
  • Donna Spigarolo
    Donna Spigarolo
  • Garin Veris
    Garin Veris

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