Len St. Jean

  • G, #60
  • Height: 6-1 Weight: 250
  • Yrs/Pat: 11
  • Acquired: D-9 1964
  • School: Northern Michigan
  • Born: Oct 27, 1941 Lakefield, Michigan

    Career Highlights

    • Raised in the timber country and worked as a lumberjack during school vacation periods
    • Four year veteran at Northern Michigan where he attended on a scholarship and played defensive end
    • Earned NAIA and Williamson All-America honors
    • Drafted by both the Green Bay Packers and Patriots in 1964 and cast his lot with the latter
    • Played defensive end for first two seasons in the AFL
    • Switched to offensive guard in 1966 and has been there ever since, becoming a fixture on the offensive line
    • Earned all-star recognition in ’66 and was 1776 Club Unsung Hero of the year
    • Earned “Unsung” award again in 1970
    • Played in 190 consecutive games for Patriots, including 140 straight regular season outings
    • Played under five different head coaches since joining the Patriots.


    • Len was probably one of the most solid and dependable linemen the franchise ever had.
    • Len grew up in rural Northern Michigan where his farming chores began somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00 A.M. every morning.
    • Football wasn’t a big part of his life as a kid, until his oldest sister, Barbara, began bringing him back paraphernalia from some of the Bowl games she attended while in college.
    • In 1974, head coach Chuck Fairbanks cut Len during training camp to make way for a younger guard.
    • Len believed he could still play and signed on with the New York Stars of the World Football League. He was sold to the Charlotte Hornets and wound up never actually collecting a paycheck, as the fledgling league never had a chance.
    • But, according to Len, all the years of football and preparing for games, staying disciplined and studying the competition prepared him for the working world.
    • He took a job as a sales representative for an electronics component company called Bell Controls in Nashua, N.H., and was later recruited by a former teammate, Larry Eisenhauer, to All American Semiconductor where he works today.
    • He and his wife Susan have three children, Lisa, Renee and Lance.
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