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Coaching Remotely Podcast – A Virtual Football For YOU

If football has taught us anything it is to plan and prepare but be able to adjust and call an audible when an opportunity presents itself. In the uncertain days of COVID-19, Patriots Alumni found itself in such a position. When our planning and preparing should have had us in the middle of our Football for YOU season, we were searching for ways to impact kids utilizing Patriots Alumni’s platform and access to former players. In the midst of crisis and confusion, we found an opportunity to create a podcast.

Patriots Alumni  kicked off a podcast which shared positive messaging to its Football for YOU community – the youth of New England.

  • Topics were centered around each community, football and the successful mindsets.
  • Discussions were thought provoking while inspiring kids of all ages to stay on top of their game, regardless of the adversity they face.
  • Guests included former Patriots, football coaches/directors, nutritionists, local influencers, sports hosts, strength & conditioning specialists & more.
  • Each segment aimed to tackle a perspective and refine skills both physically and mentally.


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