Vernon Crawford

  • LB, #99
  • Height: 6-4 Weight: 245
  • Yrs/Pat: 3
  • Acquired: Fifth Round of the Draft – 1997 (159th overall)
  • School: Florida State
  • Major: Criminology
  • Born: Jun 25, 1974 Texas City Texas


    • Vernon Crawford was drafted by the Patriots in the 5th round of the 1997 draft.
    • He grew up in Galveston, Texas and played his college ball for Florida State.
    • At the time he was drafted, he wasn’t even sure where the team was located but he’s lived in New England ever since, coaching football at both Walpole and Randolph High Schools as a defensive coordinator.
    • Vernon also played a year of Arena League football with the Manchester Wolves in New Hampshire but being a linebacker used to rushing the passer, wasn’t too enamored with the pace of the play. “You can get a clear shot at the QB, but by the time you get there the ball is long gone,” said Vernon.
    • He likes giving back to children through his coaching and also talking with youth groups.
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